Got fear? Get clear! (3+3 Action Steps)

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A few weeks ago, I got a big scare. My doctors wanted to “screen out” a certain cancer and it turns out it would have been very serious. I got the test and then waited… There was one day in particular that I (incorrectly it turns out) thought the test was positive. I got the call the next day that it was negative, nothing found, whew!

That didn’t prevent me from being very, very worried, particularly for one anxious day and night. To get a grip on my fear, I used the very same tip I shared with you last week (“3 Big Retirement Questions“).

Here’s that tip again

The key is to get REALLY CLEAR about where you stand and what you want, and then to keep creating ways and opportunities to make it happen. 

And while you’re at it remember, be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. On we go…

What to do (and not do)

When you’re facing something really scary, what do you do (and not do)?

3 things to avoid:

  • Do NOT make stuff up!! Your imagination can get really carried away.
  • Don’t just sit and suffer. Instead get into action.
  • Don’t try to go it alone. Reach out to someone wise who loves you.

3 things to do:

  • Get the facts and get solidly grounded on where you stand right now.
  • Get clear about the desired results you want, the things most important to you in the long term.
  • Look at alternative ways to get there and pick the one best for you.

Personal victory

P.S. That evening when I was so scared, I used this process to focus my nervous energy, take stock, and look for my way forward. After I laid it out for myself, I reached out to several family members as “sounding boards” and they each loved it. One result is that I’ve booked my top-of-the-bucket-list trip to New Zealand (including “natural splendors,” Maori culture, and the Hobbit film set). I’ve said for years that’s my #1 destination and the scare motivated me to do it now while things are fine. Then whatever happens in the future, I can look back and say “check-done.” That’s how I’m making it happen!

What’s Next?

Want help getting clear about your retirement focus?

Get really clear about what you want for your retirement and practical steps you can take to start making it happen right now. Use that clarity and a simple action system to guide you as you transition to retirement and begin living your new retirement life.

  • Get a new level of clarity about What Matters Most and What You Want, so you can powerfully create your Retirement the way you’ve always imagined™
  • Get valuable (and perhaps surprising) insight into What Really Motivates and Satisfies You, plus insight into what additional work, learning, and education you might want to pursue.
  • Create your “Bucket List” of the top experiences and achievements you hope to have.
  • Determine your prioritized list of Retirement Goals and what you want to make happen this coming year.
  • Discover how to Make It Happen!

The longer you delay, the less time you’ll have living the retirement you say you want. Don’t delay until it’s too late.

Go to Retire With Purpose™ and start creating the retirement you’ve always imagined.

I’ll be sharing more about ways I’ve been creating a great life. 

And I’ve been developing some programs on ways I’ve done this, so you don’t have to invent them for yourself.

You can contact me at I’m happy to talk anytime you like.

Make it happen!

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