3 Big Retirement Questions

In February I was waiting at Newark Airport, snowed in with all flights delayed. We finally took off and arrived 3 hours late. I was tired all the next day, but I was happy because I was in my winter rental home in Florida, enjoying the sunny 80 degree weather. I’m loving my retirement!

How It Happened

I’m a systematic guy. A couple years ago I was going through my process to determine what was next for me and realized I could retire, so I did!

 I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted my retirement to look like, including things like play, travel, and time with family and friends, especially two sons. I also have some health issues, so it’s really important for me to manage my healthcare and well-being.

Because I’m a planner, I keep setting goals for what I want to be doing in retirement and then putting things in place to make them happen. It’s been working great and I’m really happy with my retirement life.

A Tip

Here’s a tip for making it happen:

The key is to get REALLY CLEAR about where you stand and what you want, and then to keep creating ways and opportunities to make it happen.

 And speaking of having a plan and making things happen, here’s another thing to keep in mind. You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice. Hmmm… OK, on we go.

 3 Big Questions

 As I talked with others who have either retired or are planning to, I discovered they had some issues and concerns. I’m the type to want to help if I can and I was curious to learn more, so I surveyed people about their biggest concerns with retirement.

 The results mostly fell into 3 big buckets:

  • Do I have enough money to retire comfortably (and how much do I really need)?
  • How do I balance my goals with my commitments?
  • How do I stay focused and structure my time for the things most important to me?

 I realized I could help answer those questions using the process I went through that showed I could retire, how I get clear and keep clear about what I want, and how I stay on track.

 A Way To Help

 I don’t even want to think about what it would be like if my retirement didn’t look anything like I imagined. Watching time slip away, from 65, to 70, 75, maybe becoming less mobile, feeling like I’d wasted those years not living life the way I’d always imagined.

 I don’t want people to waste even a minute! What would it be worth to make the most of those all those years, or even 1 year?

 Hearing the frustration of other retirees, I began feeling a growing desire to help.

 Now I’m on the path of creating a place to help others as we explore retirement together. That’s how http://ExploringRetirement.club came into being. I want to create it together as we explore what we want our retirement to be and make it happen.

 What’s Next?

Want help getting clear about your retirement focus?

Get really clear about what you want for your retirement and practical steps you can take to start making it happen right now. Use that clarity and a simple action system to guide you as you transition to retirement and begin living your new retirement life.

  • Get a new level of clarity about What Matters Most and What You Want, so you can powerfully create your Retirement the way you’ve always imagined™
  • Get valuable (and perhaps surprising) insight into What Really Motivates and Satisfies You, plus insight into what additional work, learning, and education you might want to pursue.
  • Create your “Bucket List” of the top experiences and achievements you hope to have.
  • Determine your prioritized list of Retirement Goals and what you want to make happen this coming year.
  • Discover how to Make It Happen!

The longer you delay, the less time you’ll have living the retirement you say you want. Don’t delay until it’s too late.

Go to Retire With Purpose™ and start creating the retirement you’ve always imagined.

 I’ll be sharing more about the ways I’ve been creating a great life.

 And I’ve been developing some programs on ways I’ve done this, so you don’t have to invent them for yourself.

You can contact me at http://bit.ly/erc_contact_me. I’m happy to talk anytime you like.

 Make it happen!

Eric @ ExploringRetirement.club

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